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5 Benefits of Steel Commercial Doors

The 5 Benefits of Steel Commercial Doors

You may be building a new commercial property or looking to upgrade a commercial business. One of the most important aspects of doing so is your entry and exit doors. It is essential you choose a door that is secure, accessible and can pass the test of time and unauthorized users. Below, we will show you why steel is one of the best choices by sharing the benefits of steel commercial doors.

1. Better Safety and Security
Considering that the average burglary can cost you thousands of dollars, it just makes good sense to use a door material that is pry and force resistant: such as steel. In addition, steel doors are also more fire-resistant, and many can withstand a fire for up to 20 minutes. This can protect your workers from fires and give them more time to exit the building, which is especially useful for large commercial properties or those with multiple floors.

Did you know? 34% of burglars use the front door to enter the property.

2. Steel Lasts Longer Than Other Door Materials
Doors made from other materials rarely last as long steel doors, especially if your business experiences harsh weather, rough door use and other factors that damage doors over time. In fact, a good steel door can last for decades longer than doors made from wood, particle board and other lesser materials.

3. Better Protection from Exterior Elements
Steel doors do a better job of resisting environmental factors such as extremely hot or cold temperatures. The same goes for rain, sleet, snow, etc. Steel doors also are more energy efficient when installed correctly by not allowing hot or cold air into the property. Lastly, steel doors provide a better sound barrier so you and your employees can work in peace.

4. Lower Maintenance
Other doors need more maintenance in repairs, painting, scratch removal and other types of damage. Steel doors are more resistant and can be easily cleaned off with a rag, hose or other method as recommended by the manufacturer.

5. Lots of Customization Options
You may think of a blank metal slate when you think of a steel door. In fact, that may be exactly what you have in mind. These can be a great choice for a more mechanical, manufacturing or industrial business. But what if you have a business that needs a more customer-friendly approach? Steel doors are also aesthetically customizable and have different options for finishes, colors, architectural hardware and more. Your provider should be able to specifically customize your door for any commercial application and needs.

Steel Commercial Doors in New Jersey
Feel free to contact our expert team if your business is in need of new steel commercial doors or if you need help selecting the right material for you. We offer steel, wood and many other commercial doors and can help you select the right one for your business.

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