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Commercial Door Architectural Hardware

Commercial Door Architectural Hardware


Our team at GSH Commercial Doors is known for our expertise in all things entryways, key systems, security, and many other products to complete your doors. We are also one of the biggest and best distributors of commercial door architectural hardware in the New Jersey area. Read on to see what we offer and how it can benefit your building.

Flat Goods
These include items such as hinges that not only add an extra layer of security but are designed to match the rest of the door system. We can also maintain and replace hinges as needed on existing doors. Door pulls are also important as your door may be opened and shut many times per day. You want this hardware to look good, as well as last as long as possible.

Push and Kick Plates
Push plates are also ideal for businesses where doors see a lot of foot traffic – both in entry and exits, as well as entrants who may open doors with their feet. Push and kick plates protect your door from premature wear and tear, are inexpensive, and can be be regularly cleaned to look their best. Don’t forget armor plates for all exterior doors to add extra security to your deadbolt other key system. They are useful for stopping instances of forced entry. They are also a recommended choice for interior doors leading to rooms that need extra security, such as cash storage, tools, inventory, etc.

Automatic Door Operators
You will need these and other architectural hardware in order to allow visitors and workers to enter without having to push or pull on the door. These can include buttons and sensors for automatic door openers.

Door Closers
These items can pay for themselves in recovered energy loss from doors being left open. Automatic door closers are great for doors meant as exits, as well as other doors that do not need to remain open. They can be selected in anywhere from light to heavy duty and come in many materials to match your doors.

Door Holders and Stops
On the other end, you may want to keep your door open in many cases, such as for loading and unloading or if the weather is nice and you want to air out your business. These devices can be activated manually to keep a door open for as long as you like. They also work better than putting a heavy object in front of the door, as these don’t work reliably and can damage the door. Door stops are also recommended for businesses where entrants may slam doors open and damage your walls. These protect your drywall and other items from unnecessary damage.

Exit Devices
Your business most likely has at least one emergency exit. Make sure you are equipped for any emergency by having the right hardware. These include push exits, panic bars, security alarms for when the door is opened, and more.

Commercial Door Architectural Hardware in New Jersey
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