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Commercial Door Frames

Commercial Door Frames


We can tell you from years of experience that choosing a commercial door without the appropriate frame is like hanging an expensive and delicate painting with no frame or protection. The frame you choose for your door is as important as the door itself in order to ensure performance, security, appeal, and more.

In addition to helping select and paint commercial doors, GSH also offers wood, steel, metal, and other specialty frames in standard and custom sizes, as well as for single and double doors. We offer frames in different types of wood, stainless steel, lead-lined, galvannealed and galvanized steel, and many other frames. In addition, our commercial door frames are available in many configurations and are built to fit wall types including wood studs, steel studs, and masonry.

Types of Commercial Door Frames

Commercial Wood Door Frames – Frames can be configured with your choice of veneers, lites, and detailed panels for an aesthetic touch. Our wood door frames include:

  • Prehung Openings – They are sold with your commercial door and specially made for that door. They can save time and money when available.
  • Flush Wood Doors – These frames fit “flush” with the surface for a better look and fit. They can be covered with MDF board or ply board that is finished with laminate, paint, or veneer. Flush frames are a good choice for offices, educational facilities, medical facilities, and other similar businesses.
  • Embossed Wood Door Frames – These frames add an extra decorative touch to your door.
  • Stile & Rail Wood Doors – Like the above, stile and rail can be more appealing due to the panels that give an extra layer of style. Our specialists can outfit rail and stile doors that create your desired look while using quality materials.
  • High Pressure Decorative Laminate – HPDL doors are ideal for high-traffic areas, such as entryways. They can come with unique colors, patterns, and elegant finishes. They are excellent choices for B2C’s and entryways designed to impress such as the hospitality or real estate industry.
  • Solid, Pressured, or Particle Wood – We offer wood door frames in several materials to best meet your needs.

Hollow Metal Door Frames – This option is used for those looking for strength and durability in their commercial door and frame. They can work effectively for decades, are easy to clean, and can withstand constant use and extreme elements.

Specialty Commercial Doors Frames – In many cases, your business has a unique need that needs a specialty solution. The team at GSH is experienced in many types of specialty door frames including:

  • Sound resistant door frames
  • Fiberglass frames
  • Lead lined
  • Ballistic / bullet resistant frames
  • Windstorm door frames
  • Fireproof door frames
  • And more.

Commercial Door Frames in New Jersey
If your business is located in New Jersey and needs commercial door frame solutions, feel free to contact us to get our expert opinion as well as a detailed estimate for your work.

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