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Commercial Door Key Systems

Commercial Door Key Systems


One of the most important aspects of any commercial door system are the lock and keys. They are an essential component of letting in who you like, while simultaneously keeping all unwanted visitors away. Due to the important nature of commercial door key systems, it is essential they are selected and installed by a professional.

Types of Commercial Door Key Systems
Only a few years ago, the only real option for business entryways was the traditional key and lock. Nowadays there are many advanced solutions that can give you many other options, while providing additional layers of security. A few commercial door key systems include:

Double and single facing deadbolt – These key systems are traditionally used for residences but may also be a good fit for some businesses. Double facing locks may be locked from the inside or outside of the business. Single facing locks may only be opened from the inside and add a good extra layer of security for any type of key system. Double facing locks are a good choice for low traffic, low risk businesses, as well as interior doors that need an extra layer of security.

Card and code key systems – These systems require users to have a card or pre-programmed key code in order to gain access. They are useful for keeping track of who has entered your business, as well as when. You may also program these systems to only allow access to certain doors for certain personnel as an extra layer of security and safety. Another added benefit is that users can be added and removed as needed. Unlike the above, you don’t have to re-key the lock whenever someone gets fired.

RFID / FOB key systems – These systems are state of the art and offer the best in security, data, and advanced access. These systems often work with cards and are most comparable to the cards used in many hotels nowadays. The cards, remotes, and even smart apps can be programmed to only let certain users in, to certain areas, and even at certain times of day. They can come with expiration dates for temporary workers. Additionally, the key systems can also be programmed to let you know who goes in and out of your business, as well as when. Many systems also come with cameras so you may see who is ringing your bell before you let them in remotely.

B2C vs B2B Commercial Key Systems
Remember to select your key system by type of business, as well as type of door. For example, a retail business will have many people entering their business through the front entrances during normal business hours. A combination deadbolt and security system may make sense for this type of business to allow for entrants during the day, while keeping secure at night.

A B2B with few to no visitors will want something more secure in which visitors must be allowed in remotely. This options also works for businesses of all kinds with back doors that only have a few people who are allowed inside during off hours.

Commercial Door Key Systems in New Jersey
Don’t wait or skimp when it comes to installing top of the line locks to protect your business. Contact us if your business is located in New Jersey and you need an expert’s help with selecting, installing, or upgrading your current key systems.

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